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Special lime for sewage treatment

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Calcium oxide is plastic, rubber and chemical raw materials, moisture absorbing, foam, dry Jiabao material, can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical raw materials, solvent architectural paints, paper making, wastewater treatment, leather, rubber and plastic filler filling agent, waste incineration, metal factory neutralization, bleaching, drying, heat and power plant desulfurization acid, oil lubrication, feed, stone cutting, gypsum board sealing agent to help caking agent, astringent (especially water treatment and flue gas desulfurization and other special products).
Application areas:
The products are mainly used in the field of flue gas desulfurization, sewage treatment, chemical industry and construction.
1, industrial: caustic soda and bleaching powder, industrial waste water treatment, flue gas desulfurization, etc.
2, agriculture: modified acidic soil, pesticide Bordeaux, shiliuheji etc.
3, the construction industry: putty powder, bricklaying, plastering, concrete system etc.
4. Chemical industry: tannery, oil and gas drilling, lactic acid, calcium lactate, etc.
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